home_imageSince 2002, New Directions Counseling Services, PLLC has been a private practice dedicated to providing professional counseling and assessment services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We understand how a person’s problems can overwhelm them, negatively affecting their relationships and their ability to cope. In our warm and caring environment our clients receive confidential guidance from experienced, respectful professionals. Our therapists have extensive training and licensing in their respective areas of expertise.

Our team uses a neurodevelopmental approach to treatment; meaning that, we have learned that people grow and develop new skills at different levels, under different time frames and benefit from different types of treatment interventions. There is nothing cookie cutter about our applications. Our approach is dynamic and innovative. We believe that in teaching our client’s about the processes within the brain, we empower them to understand themselves and normalize emotional struggles that can be frustrating or frightening.  We will never compromise our clients’ care. Our clients receive those types of treatments that have proven effective over time and are brain based. Since we see our clients investing time and effort, we feel obligated to provide them with the best quality service. We are very proud about the fact that our number one referral source is our clients or their family members. Our clients numerous success stories are a testament to both their hard work and the treatment they receive here at New Directions Counseling.

Motivate. Create. Integrate

Our therapists approach each individual with respect for who they are and what they might dream to become. We seek to Motivate our clients to achieve goals that are truly their own. We work together with them to make changes in behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that enable them to Create a life with more peace and fulfillment. We strive to help our clients identify the strengths they bring with them and to Integrate those strengths with skills learned and practiced to evolve a deeper understanding of themselves and others.