Psychological Evaluations

*** Please note that as of January 2017 New Directions is unfortunately unable to provide this service. We hope to be able to provide this service again in the near future.***

New Directions provides an evaluation clinic wherein children, teens and adults are provided with comprehensive psychological evaluations to help aid in diagnosis and treatment. Our psychological evaluations are completed with a neurodevelopmental and holistic approach in mind. This approach allows us to see the whole person and examine the unique interactive roles of their early development, biological predispositions, how their personal experiences have shaped them, as well as better understand their thinking and learning styles or differences. While our evaluation team does provide a “best fit” diagnosis for each individual, the primary focus of the evaluation will be identifying areas of functioning that are challenging as well as identifying strengths. We will work to explore how to help an individual maximize those strengths while improving functioning in problem areas.

Every report will include specific treatment and service recommendations. All reports will also include a reading and resource list to aid the client, family, and treatment team to more successfully address areas of need. Our team also provides specialty consultations for client’s situations that are complicated, when treatment appears to be stalled, or second opinion has been requested. We aim to provide information and recommendations to our client’s, their therapists, and other treatment team members that is practical, hands- on, and usable in the real world.