New Directions offers a variety of workshops for clinicians, clients, and the community. Our staff has provided workshops for continuing education for agencies, school, and professional groups as well.

Workshops provided within the last year have included:

Neurodevelopment for the Everyday Clinician: A training workshop for clinicians to provide the basics of neurodevelopment and specific areas of application including treatment of individuals with executive functioning difficulties, trauma, anxiety, OCD, and depression. This workshop provides the fundamentals of brain development, general and holistic approaches to brain health, as well as ways to provide your clients with the newest and most updated interventions using brain/body informed approaches. –Presented by Dr. Cindy Peters – March 19, 2014


Heartpath: A workshop to identify and refocus you toward your deepest and most connected life path. This workshop uses analytical as well as intuitive methods to explore areas of your life that are satisfying as well as those that are out of balance. It can provide the opportunity to explore the obstacles that tend to hold you back, from the mundane to the sublime. This workshop can assist you in identify ways to help you step back onto your personal path to experiencing life with more moments of joy and satisfaction. – Presented by Dr. Cindy Peters – June 28, 2014


Brain- Body- Self: Understanding the Neurobiological Effects of Trauma: A training workshop for clinicians and other service providers discussing the biological, emotional, and expressive constructs of trauma. This workshop also explores the concepts of plasticity and resilience versus the outdated idea that a person with trauma experiences is permanently damaged. We discuss how trauma is processed and stored differently in the brain neurobiologically as well as brain based interventions designed to help clients understand then resolve trauma.

Presented by Hannah Alligood, MSW, LCSW – October 23, 2014


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